Say Your Prayers

Finn says the Hail Mary. Every night we tuck him in and he says, “Maybe say the Holy Mary.” Initially, he would just fill in the last word of each sentence, but he now he can say the entire thing. We get him started with a simple “Hail” and he recites the whole prayer loud and clear. He recites it so loud and clear that the Captain whisked him out of the pew at God’s House for praying too loud.

After the Hail Mary comes “God Bless.” This is where he goes through his list of his main people. “Nina” (a combo of Nana and Tina), the Captain’s mother, has occupied the pole position as first in the prayer list for several months followed most often by Murphy-Girl (the dog). He runs through the list of his important people throwing in an occasional inanimate object like “tractor” or “golf ball club”. It is like the episode of Seinfeld about being first on the speed dail. Everyone clamours to see how they rank. Nonno and Nonnie creep up the list post train ride or “road twip” in the convertible. Recently, Aunt Cowween was bumped by his great Aunt Wisa who bestowed a bubble mower on the young lad catapulting her to first on the list for a few evenings. A devastated Aunt Cowween exclaimed “Oh no! How much is this going to cost me?”

Seriously, we don’t know what the fuss is all about since most of the time the Captain and Mommy don’t even make the list.


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