Big Present

For the past few weeks we have been telling Finn, “If you poopie in the potty, you will get a big present.”

Big Present

Big Present

So the question is did he get a big present or did we?
Finn saved the “present” in the toilet, watched out the window for Dad’s come up the front walk, then took his father’s hand and guided him to the bathroom.   Finn grinned broadly and gestured to the bowl.    We couldn’t be prouder.
After dinner, we went to The Circle Store (aka Target).   Finn chattered endlessly about the poopie and the big present interchangeably.   He roamed the aisles carefully examining the prospects.  Ultimately, he selected a tennis racket.  He practiced whacking a couple of balls and shouted “Oh Wow” with each lob shot.  
The racket and some balls only ran about $15 bucks since that was not my idea of a “big present”, I steered the Captain over to the fishing poles and asked him to spring for one.   
It started to rain as soon as we arrived home.  The kid was crushed so we headed to the basement for Finn to run down some shots.  We’ll try out the fishing pole at Tommy’s Pond this weekend.
He was wiped out from all the excitement, but he managed to leave a “little present” in the potty before heading off to bed.

One Response to “Big Present”

  1. Tyler & Noah Says:

    Finn, Congrats… Welcome to the big boy club… My daddy tells me we’ll learn to appreciate it more when we get older and call it the “Quiet Room”…. Your Buddy, Tyler

    Finn, I hope to join you soon!!! Thanks for the good example. Your Little Buddy, Noah

    Leah, Thanks for the visual. Raf

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