Ice, Ice Baby

Finn went sledding in VT.   We bundled the kid within an inch of his life and headed for a spot the locals sled behind the Equinox hotel on the grounds of an old Seminary.   It is not for the faint of heart especially when freshly coated with ice from the prior night’s storm.   Since Dada is in charge of all things dangerous, he tested the run in a red plastic missle borrowed from our friend’s mountain retreat.   Declaring the site sled-worthy,  Dada wedged the little blue-clad man between his legs.  Since Mama is in charge of commerating all feats of daring, she slid down the icy slope on her dupey “to get the shot”

Regretably, we only took a few runs on account of the vicious wind and the boy’s red cheeks.   We dashed to the warmth of Up for Breakfast where the tot perched between us double-fisted scrammble from Dada’s plate and buttermilk pancakes from Mama’s.  

Stuffed and Windburned,  he barely made it to highway for the drive home before commencing to snore like a lumberjack.    Since returning home,  Finn reinacts sledding complete with “Wheee” and “Kkkkrrr” sound effects mimicking the icy conditions.


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