Call me Ishmael

Finn has a Fish…an “ish” to be exact.   ish has been a new addition to the vocabularly for several weeks.  I determined that Finn needed an actual fish as reinforcement.    

“What would we call it?” the Captain asked as if settling on a name might deter me. 

“Ishmael” I replied with out skipping a beat, “Ish for short.”  

With obvious reference to the famous opening line to Melville’s Moby Dick,  Ish is destined to have many epic adventures.

With a name settled,  we headed to Petco (where the pets go) to acquire what is likely to be the first in a series of family pets for Finn.     

Hoping to get off cheap,  Captain Ahab was first drawn to the school in the tank marked 29 cents, however, the clerk diverted his attention to the 99 cent tank since these fish come with a two week guarantee (bonus!) Captain Ahab quickly gathered a round glass bowl,  food, special drops that turn tap water to fish water in seconds (he was very excited about these) while Finn and Mama concentrated on rocks.   Finn loves rocks and carefully regarded each option before selecting the florescent combo of shocking pink, flaming orange, “Lello and Geen”.   Are fish color blind?  I hope so. 

All together we are into it for about $20 bucks ($18.99 if the fish kicks it in the first two weeks).  Which is quite possible considering Ish barely makes it out of the parking lot.   I am sitting in the back with Finn dangling before him Ish in a Petco issue plastic baggy.  Finn is chattering away in his secret language and I swear Ish nodding in agreement.  Suddenly, Finn grabs the very edge of the plastic baggy bag where the unspecting Ish is swimming and gives a squeeze.  “No,” I yelp yanking the bag from his chubby grasp.   Ish swirls about the bag but is miraculously unharmed.   Captain Ahab is already shouting, “What’s going on back there?   Is that fish dead already?” 

We arrive home unscathed and set up Ish’s new home.  Finn runs out in his Bear slippers to greet his pet with a “Hi Ish”.   He been very excited to feed Ish “just a little bit” for breakfast and a tiny snack for dinner.  He giggles each time Ish surfaces with a gapping mouth to suck in the flakes.   He immitate Ish eating and swimming about his bowl.   He takes every guest by the hand to be properly introduced to the tiny orange member of our family.   He bids goodnight with a “Bye Ish” at the close of the day.   Things are just swimming along.

Today, however, we almost had a death in the family.    I sat Finn on the counter to observe as I cleaned Ish’s bowl.   We transfered Ish to a Tupperware and set him on the counter.   I chatted with Finn while I removed and washed his beloved day-glo rocks and scrubbed the bowl down.    I was just about finished filling the bowl with fresh water when Finn dumped the makeshift bowl into the sink.   I shrieked and stuck my hand into the rubber garbage disposal cover saving a flippy Ish from certain death.   Without thinking I yelled, “Finn!  You almost killed Ish.”  My little boy burst into tears.  I transferred Ish to the fresh water.   Dazed,  he swam slowly at first.   He bounced back quickly and darted about.  I gathered Finn up and hugged him, “I am sorry that I scared you, Finn.  Ish is ok, Look.  I know you were only trying to help.”

Unfortuately for Finn,  my parenting (unlike Petco) does not come with any money back guarantees.


One Response to “Call me Ishmael”

  1. Jules Says:

    Ish is one tough cookie!


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