Away in a Manger

Finn has been learning about the nativity.   Each night we review critical players in our manger scene.   So far the donkey is his favorite.   He points to the small grey wood animal and says “Orse” or occasionaly just “Hor” prompting a cringe and a gentle correction from Mama, “Say Donkey, Finn”.    We better not tell Monsignor Louis about that one. 

We bundled Finn up last week and walked to St. Francis to see the manger outside the Cathedral.    Finn pointed to the plaster figures and reviewed each with Mama.    He was disappointed to find that there were only lambs and no donkey on the scene.   He pointed feverishly as if to say “What’s the big idea?  Where’s the Orse?”.   To make matters worse,  there was no Baby Jesus either.   I explained that Baby Jesus would be laid in the manger on Christmas day.  Finn sighed and settled back in the stroller to be escorted home.

Just down the street from his grandparents, there is a church that mounts a living manger each season complete with sheep, a donkey and a llama (posing as a camel for good measure) .   Just wait until he gets a load of that.


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