Doe a Deer a Female Deer

Finn watched Rudolf last week.   He sat contentedly in Mama’s lap quietly observing the reindeer games.   He crossed his legs and reclined mildly amused by the tiny animated reindeer making their first attempts at flight.  

All that changed when she appeared on the screen: 


He started gesturing wildly saying, “OH! OH! OH!”

I am quite sure he would have said, “Clarise is Hot.” 

I am officially jealous of furry woodland creature,  but who can blame him.   Those eyes.  That button nose.   Sporting nothing but a polka dot bow.

Since that day,  he has been practicing take offs and landings with a stuffed Rudolf/Puppy from his Aunt Colleen.   Finn makes a high-pitched sound immitating the “I’m Cute.  She says I’m Cute” which Rudolf exclaims after Clarise confesses her love thus propelling him to perform his first aerial feat.  Clearly,  Finn is preparing for a chance encounter with his beloved Clarise.


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