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In Good Company

December 22, 2007

Finn gave his Godparents a run for their money recently.  

Uncle Joe took his first shift as a babysitter a few weeks back.  I attended a conference in the afternoon while the boys played at home.   Before leaving, I warned Uncle Joe that the daily poop was imminent and gave him some brief instructions on the diaper change emphasizing the importance of holding up Finn’s legs to keep the mess minimal.   He looked a little nervous, but oddly intrigued by the challenge.  At 3:35,  I received a text message stating simply “Poopie Diaper”.   When I called in for the dirty details, Uncle Joe reported through his laughter,  “Finn was a huge help.  I had take my hands off his legs to get out the wipes, but he just held them up there for me.”   As if to say,  “Hey man, your an amateur so I am going to cut you some slack.”

Last weekend, Aunt Colleen had a “Sweepover” with the young lad so Mama and Dada headed into the city for some holiday cheer.    When the Captain called to check in,  she said,  “I can’t talk now.  We are too busy dancing.  He never even noticed you left. Bye.”   When we arrived back to her place,  Finn was snoozing away peacefully on the pull out sofa next to his Aunt.   She graciously gave up her bed to us.   Around 1AM,  I heard a muffled cry.   I started searching around the apartment since I couldn’t really identify where it was coming from.  It turns out the wiggle worm edged his way to the top of the bed and slipped down between the back of the sofa and the mattress.   It was clear he wasn’t hurt and was more annoyed than anything.   Aunt Colleen and I could not stop laughing as we extricated the little fella from the sofa’s clutches. 

Aunts & Uncles are the best!  


One, Two, Tree

December 19, 2007

In true Kane fashion, we put the lad to work.  He makes it look so easy.  


He assembled the tree stand with minimal cursing.  Maybe he can teach his Nonno a thing or two.


He selected a fine specimen at Boro Hardware that met the Captain’s high standards.


He dragged the tree across Middlesex Ave and into the house.  


“Mama, my work here is done.  You better pitch in and get this thing decorated. I’m exhausted”

Away in a Manger

December 17, 2007

Finn has been learning about the nativity.   Each night we review critical players in our manger scene.   So far the donkey is his favorite.   He points to the small grey wood animal and says “Orse” or occasionaly just “Hor” prompting a cringe and a gentle correction from Mama, “Say Donkey, Finn”.    We better not tell Monsignor Louis about that one. 

We bundled Finn up last week and walked to St. Francis to see the manger outside the Cathedral.    Finn pointed to the plaster figures and reviewed each with Mama.    He was disappointed to find that there were only lambs and no donkey on the scene.   He pointed feverishly as if to say “What’s the big idea?  Where’s the Orse?”.   To make matters worse,  there was no Baby Jesus either.   I explained that Baby Jesus would be laid in the manger on Christmas day.  Finn sighed and settled back in the stroller to be escorted home.

Just down the street from his grandparents, there is a church that mounts a living manger each season complete with sheep, a donkey and a llama (posing as a camel for good measure) .   Just wait until he gets a load of that.

Doe a Deer a Female Deer

December 13, 2007

Finn watched Rudolf last week.   He sat contentedly in Mama’s lap quietly observing the reindeer games.   He crossed his legs and reclined mildly amused by the tiny animated reindeer making their first attempts at flight.  

All that changed when she appeared on the screen: 


He started gesturing wildly saying, “OH! OH! OH!”

I am quite sure he would have said, “Clarise is Hot.” 

I am officially jealous of furry woodland creature,  but who can blame him.   Those eyes.  That button nose.   Sporting nothing but a polka dot bow.

Since that day,  he has been practicing take offs and landings with a stuffed Rudolf/Puppy from his Aunt Colleen.   Finn makes a high-pitched sound immitating the “I’m Cute.  She says I’m Cute” which Rudolf exclaims after Clarise confesses her love thus propelling him to perform his first aerial feat.  Clearly,  Finn is preparing for a chance encounter with his beloved Clarise.

What a difference a year makes

December 12, 2007

Finn & Santa 2006


Finn & Santa 2007