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Boo Who

November 12, 2007

Finn spends a lot of time at the Metuchen train station.   The best time to go is early morning when NJ Transit run express and local on the outside track and the Acela whips along the center.    Mommy stands at the edge of the platform pumping her fist into the air like mad trying to illicit a special toot from the Engineer.    If we get the desired “Woo Woo”,  Finn and Mommy High Five and cheer for the train.  

Not surprisingly,  Finn donned overalls,  a thermal shirt, bandanna, and striped cap to portray a old-school engineer for Halloween.   Since a little is never enough,  Mommy insisted upon burning some cork to give the tiny train man a beard.    He hated it. 


He was also not fond of his cap.  In fact,  he hated it.


Mommy and her friend organized a Halloween parade in the neighborhood.    Mommy dressed as the conductor and the little engineer led the parade.   He hated it.    In fact,  he hated it so much that when we made the turn infront of our house,  the engineer tried to switch tracks and head for his front door instead of continue on the parade route.   When the conductor tried to re-direct him,  he threw himself on the tracks in dire protest.  


Nonno & Nonnie,  who drove in from PA and were present for the spectacle, reminded me later that my brother (Uncle Joe to Finn)  threw a similar fit at his kindergarten parade while dressed as Count Dracula.   He huffed around his little brick school with arms crossed and brow furrowed.   He was downright scary.   The only problem was that he was not actually attempting to be “in character”.  He was just pissed to be in the parade. 

Finn did however like the Pinata that followed the parade especially once he realized the Pinata was loaded with candy.    


*On a side note,  Nonno is sporting only a small portion (hat and tie) that make up his Blues Brothers ensemble.   My mother and father have been dressing as the Blues Brothers for years and have perfected an entire choreographed routine to Soul Man.    So you don’t need to wonder where I get my flair for the dramatic.

To be clear,  Finn is fully on-board with candy particularly Rolos.   After a short rest,  we went out for a brief trick-o-treating stint with some neighbors.   As much as I wanted him to be,  he really wasn’t into it.  All that up and down stairs was wearing him and me out.   At one home,  a woman handed him a package of peanut butter crackers.  He took one look at them and chucked them back in door.   I was mortified and apologized profusely to the woman.    My friend that we were with was laughing so hard that she had to sit down on the steps.    Needless to say, that was the last stop on the Kranky Kane Express.