Mums the word

Finn is a man of few words.   In fact, he is a man of about 7 words.






Rower (flower)

Curl (Squirrel)

Maybe he will become a sound effects expert like that guy from Police Academy since he is pretty adept at mimicking the sounds of things. 

Wee-ooh Wee-ooh (fire engine)

Woo-woo (train)

Moooh (cow)

Ow-Ow (dog)

Eiow (cat)

De-Da (Duck or bird)

Aya (Airplane)

I try not to worry about his language development since the range of “normal” is pretty huge from 3-100 for his age group.    Yet still,  I can’t help obsessing especially when people say stupid things to you like … “Oh you are using a spippy cup with a spout.  You have to worry about his speech with those”  or  “He seems frustrated without words.”   As if I had not realized that.   

It is strange for someone like me who is such a big talker to have a child that is not.   But then again, I am not the only parent in the mix.   The Captain is also a man of few words who cultivated his own secret language until he was about 4 when his mother took him for speech class where he was rewarded with mini-marshmallows for correct pronunciations.

When I told the Captain that I was going to do a post about Finn’s words,  he retorted, “Well that should be a short post.”   Like father like son.  Pass the mini-marshmallows. 


4 Responses to “Mums the word”

  1. Captain Says:

    For the record, I graduated cum laude from speech class

  2. Leah Says:

    It has been brought to my attention that I neglected to include the following words from the laundry list.

    Finn utters both of these with the most endearing French accent.

    And finally…
    Teeth (the better to bite you with)

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