PJam Session

Finn rocked out at his first summer concert last week.   He stayed up late to catch the opening act, The Danny Adlerman and Friends, in the parking lot of Metuchen Senior Citizens Center.  The Adlermans are husband and wife team who author and illustrate books as well as compose and perform music for children.   This dynamic duo happen to live right here in town.  From the first note, Danny’s “Up and Down Frown” got Finn out of his stroller and bouncin’ and clappin’ to the beat.   The child has soul.   Mommy is very proud.  Then he bolted into sea of strollers and lawn chairs and emerged in a throng of kids.  His first attempt at crowd surfing proved to be dissappointing since the hard-core Adlerman fans had Finn by a head or two at least.     


Mommy relocated the mini-mosher to the VIP area at the side of the stage and he was able to get his groove on blissfully unaware that he is the only kid wearing his pajamas at the Jam Session.


Two snaps up.


A sweaty Finn collapsed in Mommy’s arms before the opening act, Mr. Ray, took to the stage.   Next year,  we’ll make the whole show.  No jammies required. 


2 Responses to “PJam Session”

  1. Nonnie Says:

    Finn is a “Dougher” we are so proud!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I can tell he’s got some killer moves…

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