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Happy Anniversary, Mama & Dada

September 28, 2007

This was in my inbox this morning…. 

Dear Mama & Dada,

I asked Nonno to send you this Happy Anniversary message since I am known for breaking keyboards. Well, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see you guys everyday, but especially on your Anniversary. I promise to be a good boy, not only today, but for one full week. Maybe longer. I love you both very much and can’t wait to be with you both tonight as we celebrate together. Thanks for having me.

Love Always,


My response….

Dearest Finn, 

Thank you for the Anniversary wishes.  You make us complete as a family and bring great joy to so many people…but we are still holding you to your promise of being a good boy “for one full week. Maybe longer”



September 25, 2007

Finn took a break from Mom and Dad for a few days.   As the Captain and I headed out to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in the mountains of VT,  Finn barely looked over his shoulder at us.    In PA, he had both sets of grandparents, an aunt, a brown dog, lunch with a bunch of great aunts (aka The Auntiques), trips to Home Depot, rides on the War Wagon, visits to the library, swings, a homegrown gourd and pumpkin patch, a convertible with tires, cupcakes (twice … complete with candles and happy birthday despite the fact his birthday is not until February) neighborhood kids with a mini John Deere tractor and above all else roughhousing to keep him more than occupied for four nights and five days.  

On the fifth day,  we tiptoed into my parents house thinking that we might find him napping only to discover him in a fit of giggles roughhousing with Nonno.    He turned to us with a big grin and pointed, “Mama” … “Dada”.    Life is good.   Life is very, very good. 

We packed stuffed the car again with golf clubs, spikes, fly-fishing gear, stroller, pack-n-play, suitcases, buckets of ripe red tomatoes from the grandparents garden, gourds, maple syrup, a wooden train and other requisite toys,  prompting a  “John, see if you can find a spot to stuff in this kid” from me.  Finn, exhausted from his adventures,  snoozed head back mouth open from the on ramp for Rt 81 until the off ramp from Rt 287 in Metuchen.  As we pulled into Franklin Square,  Finn started clapping.   I couldn’t agree more.   It is fun to be away,  but it feels so good to come home.     


September 12, 2007

Rough housing is Finn’s favorite sport.    All it takes is a mention of “rough house” and Finn beelines for the master bedroom and hoists himself, padded dupey and all onto the bed.    He feverently motions for his Dad to lie down so he can demonstrate his keen sense of balance while teetering on his father’s stomach.    He dismounts either in the plank position, “Timber”, or by coiling into a tight tuck somersault. 

Perhaps we have the next Bart Conner on our hands.  Incidentally, Bart Conner is married to one of my childhood idols, Nadia Comaneci.  In the 1976 Olympics,  Nadia scored the first ever perfect 10 on the uneven bars.  I was 2.   Over the next few years,  I began executing somersaults across the bed or backwards over the arm of the couch.    My Dad, known to most as Butchie but bearing a resemblance to Bela Karolyi especially when he briefly sported a bushy mustache in the early 70s , would shout, “High Finish”  and I would fling my arms up overhead wrists cocked back at the completion of the maneuver… just like Nadia.   

PJam Session

September 2, 2007

Finn rocked out at his first summer concert last week.   He stayed up late to catch the opening act, The Danny Adlerman and Friends, in the parking lot of Metuchen Senior Citizens Center.  The Adlermans are husband and wife team who author and illustrate books as well as compose and perform music for children.   This dynamic duo happen to live right here in town.  From the first note, Danny’s “Up and Down Frown” got Finn out of his stroller and bouncin’ and clappin’ to the beat.   The child has soul.   Mommy is very proud.  Then he bolted into sea of strollers and lawn chairs and emerged in a throng of kids.  His first attempt at crowd surfing proved to be dissappointing since the hard-core Adlerman fans had Finn by a head or two at least.     


Mommy relocated the mini-mosher to the VIP area at the side of the stage and he was able to get his groove on blissfully unaware that he is the only kid wearing his pajamas at the Jam Session.


Two snaps up.


A sweaty Finn collapsed in Mommy’s arms before the opening act, Mr. Ray, took to the stage.   Next year,  we’ll make the whole show.  No jammies required.