Finn dumped Mommy this week.   He now favors his new Brazilian babysitter.  I can’t say that I blame him.   I continue to ignore the cardinal rule of hiring a nanny:  The Nanny Must Not Be Hot.     Our first sitter was a lithe, raven-haired Slovakian with boundless energy.  Our second a statquese, exceedingly sweet local girl who was home from college for the summer.   And now he enjoys the fine company of a Brazilian beauty while Mommy works two days a week in the basement listening wistfully to the squeals of delight upstairs. 

Day One:  He played coy for about 3.2 seconds cautiously regarding her over his multigrain waffles and syrup.   Satisfied that she was completely ravishing,  he flashed a trademark one-dimple grin and giggled at her.    They were fast friends.   At the end of the day,  she was teaching him to blow kisses, which he half-mastered by puckering his lips and smacking a big paw over his mouth.    Instead of “blowing” the kiss,  he would just start to laugh.    When she finally went out the door,   he ran at it full tilt and started banging on it for her to come back.  

 When the Captain got home and inquired about the initial run,  I replied,  “I believe I have been dumped.”

Day Two:  He was asleep when she left so I collected him from his afternoon nap.   He looked clearly dissapointed that it was me and not her.   As I reached into the crib for him, He craned his neck peeking down the hallway for her.   

It is official … I am toast.  


One Response to “Dumped”

  1. liz Says:

    It’s hard to compete, I know this.

    I’m dumped on a daily basis for Fun Poppa. When the school year starts and Poppa starts teaching again, maybe Henry and I will start up again.

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