Great Day for a Mow

There is a scene in the movie My Blue Heaven in which Steve Martin’s character, a mobster in the witness protection program, is trying to “fit in” in the burbs.    He attempts to mow his lawn while sporting a shark skin suit, lots of bling and wraparound shades.   When he spots his neighbor gawking over the fence,  he shouts out, “Great Day for a Mow!”   

Finn may not be mowing yet, but he is getting good practice in the “war wagon”.   He knows where the key goes,  how to turn on the ignition, and steer.   Fortunately for us,  he can not yet reach the pedals. 

With toys like these,  Matchbox and Tonka are childsplay.    Last weekend,  when he visited Grandfather and Nana,  he ran to the garage doors and started banging on them to be let in.    He knows where to find the goods. 



2 Responses to “Great Day for a Mow”

  1. Jules Says:

    You sound just like a teletubby.

    I mean that in a nice way.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Is that a Gator? My in-laws have one, and lordy lord, it is great fun. We drove the kids around on it (in our laps and sans headgear, bad us) to go find some wild berries in the mountains of the poconos.

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