We planned our vacation this summer with our crew of old neighbors.   Several locales were kicked around until one of the friend’s parents, The Abenante’s, offered to host us here.   It was not even a toss up.   The Reserve is located in western South Carolina.   This called for a road trip.  Granted we could have flown, but road trips build character according to the Captain and he plotted out our course (Nonno provided the GPS as backup).   The mission called for night travel allowing the little buck to sleep and maintain his usual schedule.  The Captain packed the car with expert percision.   At 7:55 PM (5 minutes ahead of schedule) we embarked on a 12 hour car ride under the cover of darkness.  

The mission was an utter failure; the lad slept a grand total of 3 hours.   Fortunately, prior to the mission we secured a tacticle entertainment device (aka portable DVD)  which soothed our charge whose eyes shined liked large saucers in the backseat at 4AM. 

When the sky turned from black to blue,  we were in Tennessee.  The quick peaks jutted up like lush whipped meringe with fog clinging in the cranies. As the sun rose, the fog melted away revealing dense dark timberlines.   We rolled along the mountains through North Carolina and into South.  It was breathtaking.  

After a slight detour that required John to *gasp* ask directions in a honky tonk.   We were off again and shortly passing through the gates of the Reserve.   The mainroad roller coasters along eventually depositing us before a magnificent home and a shimmering lake behind.   We are delighted to be there and no one is happier than Finn.

To make up for the vehicular torture,  Finn got to do all sorts of stuff that is not allowed at home…

Like jump on the bed.


In grand southern fashion,  Finn attempted to drink beer.


Drive without a license.


Skinny dip.


But the best action by far was down on the dock




Exhausted from all the activity, the kids crashed hard at night and then the real fun began.   We grilled and drank and laughed as the sunset on the shimmering teal water.   It is the third cleanest lake in the entire US.

The Reserve is a special place and the Abenante’s  are special people for sharing it with all of us. 


5 Responses to “Roadtrip”

  1. BOSSY Says:

    The Dock looks refreshing. Bossy will bring the Apple Martinis.

  2. Melissa Says:

    Wow, it sounds like a GREAT vacation. Much, much, much, much better than our family “vacation” that really can be characterized as 10 days of pure torture, but I digress….

    Hopefully Finn will be so tuckered out from a week of southern honky tonk that he’ll sleep for the ride home.

    Have fun and continue to post those amazing pictures!

  3. Jules Says:

    The scull and crossbones t-shirt fits right in somehow, doesn’t it? (I’m allowed. I was born in western SC.)

  4. Lisa Says:

    I always crack up reading your blog!I love the jumping on the bed and the skinng dipping!!

  5. nutmeg Says:

    I have all the wrong friends! That sounds just awesome! (Not the car ride though.)

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