Kiss and Tell

Finn gives kisses.   Not big wet smackers, but precise little blessings through pursed lips.   They are the sweetest sugar drops. 

The only problem… he gives them only to his Dada.   Sigh. 

They played a game yesterday where the Captain lays on his back and Finn runs around in circles.    “Give Dada a kiss,” orders the Captain.    The lad jets over to his Dad and places a perfect peck right on the lips.   The Captain starts counting them off – 1 kiss, 2 kiss, 3 kiss, 4 kiss.   You get the picture.

Naturally, I want in so I laid down next to the Captain on the floor.   “Give Mama a kiss.” 

Finn soars past me without even a side glance. “But I gave you life,”  I found myself bemoaning.   I sound just like my mother.   


One Response to “Kiss and Tell”

  1. Jules Says:

    Finn’s just in a daddy phase. Tell the Captain to enjoy it while it lasts because the mommy phase is just around the corner. Trust me on this one.


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