Let’s see.  I think I just have to turn the ignition.


Mommy, stop chasing my boat.  You forget, I am the son of a captain.

And so went our three hour tour at the “rides” at NayAug park.   Nonno snapped this with his camera phone while Nonnie cheered and Mommy ran in circles around the boat ride lest Finn decide to take a dip.   She begged the teenager operating the ride to let her board the tiny boat as well, but was met with a blank stare that only teenagers are capable of summoning.   Finn seemed slightly embarassed,  “Come on Mom, none of the others kids are being chased!”

An update –

My father unearthed this photo of me on my first ride at Hershey park circa 1976.   Foreshadowing for sure that I was destined to marry a military man.



2 Responses to “Gilligan”

  1. Jules Says:

    The similarities in those pictures are eery. (For the record, I would have been chasing that boat too. What are those ride people THINKING?)

  2. Sarah Says:

    Seconding Jules on all counts. I also love how dainty you look in the tank!

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