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July 20, 2007

It rained on Wednesday.  Finn decided it was a good day for the aquarium.   Apparently, most of NJ and PA decided the same thing.   The place was jammed.    A sea of people coursing through dark tunnels to peer through plexiglass at sea life.  

It was dark, loud, and crowded.  I was scared. But Finn…completely unfazed.  He was entranced.    The only thing that seemed to be bothering at all were his teeth.   He spent most of the day with both hands shoved in his mouth with drool running down his wrists except when he opted to slime the windows that thousands of other little hands had touched.   Yucko!  

His little gums were scarlet and nearly killing him.  He is clearly carrying on the tradition in my family of having very large teeth,  “Big Hacks”, as my mom calls them.   She has an entire vocabularly of made up words.   But back to the teeth, Finn’s molars are just enormous.  I mean, they would be considered big for big people teeth, let alone baby teeth.    A little Orajel.  A little cuddle and we pressed on. 

Finn loved the sharks best.  Nonno held him up to the ceiling in the shark tunnel.   Finn pointed and “oohhhh”ed as each one glided overhead.   Outside the tunnel,  there was a floor to ceiling window into the tank.   Finn waited somewhat impatiently banging on the glass with his chubby wet fists for the sharks to come.  

One shark in particular took a keen interest in the plump patron and zeroed in on Finn.  The shark was thinking, “Mhhh Lunch!”  Da Dum Da Dum (please hum Jaws theme here)  Then the shark seemed to loose interest and appeared as if he was just going to sail past.  At the last second, the shark made a darting move and squared up right infront of Finn’s face.  This would have startled anyone,  but Finn opened wide and squealed with delight.    I like to think that perhaps Finn was trying to show off his own impressive jaws.   



July 15, 2007

Finn and Mommy strolled through the produce aisles blissfully unaware we were being watched.   Suddenly,  Finn thrust his hand up and shouted.  A two foot tall mylar Broccoli balloon was starring down at us.   Intially,  Finn was a little freaked out until he realized that the large balloon bore the resemblance of his all time favorite veggie.  “Trees” need to be withheld at meals until all other food has been consumed.   In the Stop & Shop,  Finn alternated between grunts and giggles at the green giant wearing a maniacal grin and what appeared to be a weightlifting belt.   I made a feeble attempt to get away, but somehow the $4.94 balloon lasooed itself to our cart and stowed away in the backseat of our car.

The Broccoli has become very attached to Finn (specifically to the seat of his pants)  


Run Finn!  You are being stalked!


Kiss and Tell

July 9, 2007

Finn gives kisses.   Not big wet smackers, but precise little blessings through pursed lips.   They are the sweetest sugar drops. 

The only problem… he gives them only to his Dada.   Sigh. 

They played a game yesterday where the Captain lays on his back and Finn runs around in circles.    “Give Dada a kiss,” orders the Captain.    The lad jets over to his Dad and places a perfect peck right on the lips.   The Captain starts counting them off – 1 kiss, 2 kiss, 3 kiss, 4 kiss.   You get the picture.

Naturally, I want in so I laid down next to the Captain on the floor.   “Give Mama a kiss.” 

Finn soars past me without even a side glance. “But I gave you life,”  I found myself bemoaning.   I sound just like my mother.   


July 3, 2007


Let’s see.  I think I just have to turn the ignition.


Mommy, stop chasing my boat.  You forget, I am the son of a captain.

And so went our three hour tour at the “rides” at NayAug park.   Nonno snapped this with his camera phone while Nonnie cheered and Mommy ran in circles around the boat ride lest Finn decide to take a dip.   She begged the teenager operating the ride to let her board the tiny boat as well, but was met with a blank stare that only teenagers are capable of summoning.   Finn seemed slightly embarassed,  “Come on Mom, none of the others kids are being chased!”

An update –

My father unearthed this photo of me on my first ride at Hershey park circa 1976.   Foreshadowing for sure that I was destined to marry a military man.