The Naked Chef

Move over Jamie Oliver,  there is a new nude chef in town. 


After great debate about the merits of a kitchen set for a boy, the Captain relented with one stipulation – “It better not be pink”. 

Some quick internet searching turned up some amazing options and the decidely unpink kitchen arrived last week.   It was none other than the Captain who tore open the box and had the thing assembled in minutes (minus some time for cursing).  

It has seen non-stop action ever since.   I captured this as he fled during a diaper change to pop some buns in the oven.   Thank heavens for a strategically placed oven door. 

Bon appetit!


3 Responses to “The Naked Chef”

  1. Nonno Says:

    “I wonder if this is a good place to hide her camera.”

  2. Jules Says:

    “Pop some buns in the oven…” Bwaaaa-ha-ha!!!!!!!!!

  3. Melissa Says:

    Wow, that is cute!

    We bought an unpink kitchen for Lucas for Christmas, and let’s just say my husband never got past the cursing — it’s still in the box in our basement!

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