Today is my grandmother’s birthday.  This is a brief tribute to an amazing woman: 

  • She raised seven kids in half a double on Capouse Ave in Scranton
  • She was completely gray by the time she was 40
  • She never colored her hair, but got a wash and set every week at my mom’s beauty shop
  • When there was little left to wash and set,  she got a wig.  
  • When not on her head,  the wig lived on a styrofoam form on her dresser.   She would con my cousins into combing the wig as “special treat”
  • She could sing and dance, performing in the Minstrels (at a time when performing in the minstrels was not politically incorrect)  
  • She had a unique approach to “swabbing the deck” (aka house cleaning) involving wearing old underpants on her head to protect her hair-do from dust
  • She was a lousy baker and her specialty “Spice Cake” was likened to the surface of the moon by my father
  • She could sew and fashioned a “Flag Dress” for the nation’s bi-centential that I practically lived in for all of 1976
  • As the baby girl of her baby girl, I was given most favored nation status.
  • She died when I was five but lived in our house during her brief battle with pancreatic cancer

I miss you, Gram.   But I know you are watching over us.    


5 Responses to “Gram”

  1. Melissa Says:

    How sweet. Grandmother’s are great.

  2. Kelly Says:

    You didn’t get to have your grandmother for long, I know, but obviously she left quite an impression on you, in just five short years. She sounds like a dear lady.

  3. Lizzy Says:

    this was a lovely tribute your gram. lovely.

  4. nutmeg Says:

    This really touched me, Leah. I had a bald Nana too who I miss every day!

  5. Ronnie Ann Says:

    A beautiful tribute. I could feel the love in every word.

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