How to get anything you want


TO:  All other babies and kids


RE:  How to get anything you want (with very little effort)

#1 – Try to look impossibly cute

#2  – Laugh and giggle a lot while swimming in your aunt’s pool (if you don’t have an aunt or a pool – see point #1 and repeat often)

#3 – Listen closely since what I am about to tell you is critical.   When your aunt (or any other sucker) makes you a special treat like a mini-sundae with M&Ms,  you must turn around, gently scoot your padded dupey into her lap and open wide for a spoonful.   This maneuver is guaranteed to illicit the following response,  “OH MY GOD,  YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT!”

#5  – Brace yourself for the barrage of kisses

#4 – Now you’ve got her.  Keep a short list of demands in the pocket of your cargo pants so you are prepared when the opportunity presents itself. 


One Response to “How to get anything you want”

  1. nutmeg Says:

    Copying and taping to (my) Finn’s desk!

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