Invisible Woman

Mommy:  Finn, where is the fan?

Finn (thrusts his hand up and points to the circling ceiling fan)

Mommy: Finn, where is Daddy?

Finn (grins and points at Daddy)

Mommy: Finn, where is your sippy?

Finn (points to his cup)

Mommy:  Finn, where is the pizza?

Finn (says Mhhhhh and points to the pizza)

Mommy: Finn, where is Mommy?

Finn (blink blink)

At last, I have realized my super hero power.     


3 Responses to “Invisible Woman”

  1. Soocer Mom in Denial Says:

    Oh how cruel. At least you have a sense of humor about it.

  2. Melissa Says:

    Been there! I carried (and past my due date for both kids), labored, delivered, and breastfed both of my boys yet they are 100%, unquestionably “Daddy’s boys.”

  3. Lizzy Says:

    Oh man do I have THAT school.

    The Mistah tells me that he’ll go in to Henry’s room in the morning and Henry will be all “MamaMamaMamaMama.”

    And then they’ll come into our bedroom and Henry will open the door and see me and yelp…”DADDA!”

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