To Kill a Mockingbird (with stage direction)

Scene opens at dinner table.   Family eating burgers and tots.   Lad attempting to feed dog that we do not own. 

Daddy (wagging finger at the lad):  No, No, No Finn  

Finn (Deep intense stare,  slowly raises finger and wags it back)

Mommy (supressing giggles):   Finn,  how does Daddy go?

Finn:  No, No, No 

Daddy:  Mommy do not encourage him.

Mommy (in hysterics) :  How does Daddy go?   

Finn:  No, No, No

Daddy:  Mommy go to your room.


2 Responses to “To Kill a Mockingbird (with stage direction)”

  1. nutmeg Says:

    I can just see him shaking his little finger. Too cute!

    Long time no post ha? Don’t keep me hanging!

  2. BOSSY Says:

    You forgot the part about the rape and the court trial! Never mind, Bossy likes this version better.

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