“Mom” my ride

Long time no post.   I have a good reason that I will write about soon.   In the meantime,  watch and laugh.

It reminds me off my favorite quote from my cousin’s husband upon the realization that he had two kids, two behemoth car seats and loads of kiddie crap (why exactly do they require so many accoutrement?)  to cart around,  “A minivan!!!  You might as well castrate me.”    


4 Responses to ““Mom” my ride”

  1. BOSSY Says:

    Yeah, true. Minivans are like trucks on Hormone Replacement Therapy.

  2. Lizzy Says:

    That’s pretty funny. And it’s funny because it’s TRUE.

    I can’t figure out the ZIMA connection, but still: hahaha.

    And Bossy? That’s funny, I’m totally stealing that!

  3. Melissa Says:

    Ah, the minivan. We are currently engulfed in that debate in my house.

  4. The Mamarazzi Says:

    That’s so funny! Just sold my beige minivan and replaced with a hot red 4 by 4! French fries NOT ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!

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