Finn contorts in a half-nelson slamming his legs and pounding his fists on the mat.   This is not acting.  It is real.  Mommy wrangles him into the pj bottoms and tags Daddy with the top into the ring.  There is wailing and gnashing of the teeth as Mommy tries to rub his gums with Orajel.   He executes a super-fly snooka off the changing table.  Mommy grapples with him as he arches into almost a complete circle.  The flexibility is astounding.   In an act of desperation,  Tag Team Kane shoves a bottle in his mouth that he sucks down in a fury and promptly passes out.   “I don’t think we should try to clip his nails tonight,” the Captain sagely suggests as Mommy slumps exhausted in the glider.  

Perhaps Finn has been secretly shadowing my cousin, who is working hard to become a pro-wrestler.   My parents and my brother went to his first amateur melee a few months ago and could not get over the electricity in the room.   Developing a persona is huge part of the process.   Our quiet, shy AJ Sabatelle hulked out transforming to “AJ Sabotage” ripping off his wife beater for the cheering crowd.  “Sabotage Him,” they chanted as he man-handled his opponent.



4 Responses to “Wrestlemania”

  1. Kelly Says:

    The WWF metaphor is apt, especially with toddlers. My, how they thrash! Their strength is always astounding.

    Is that really your cousin? I’ve never been a wrestling fan, but as I type this comment all I can see is your cousin’s giant arms and cut torso beneath his neck, and pardon me, but I’m drooling just ever so slightly. I’m even willing to overlook the hideous camos!

  2. Tuesday Says:

    You have to tag your husband in when it gets too tough. That is what we do, tag in and out.

  3. raisingkane Says:

    Yes! It really is my cousin. Giving him a hug is a little like hugging a wall. I have not been to a match yet, but I can’t wait. He takes it very seriously putting in many hours at the gym plus perfecting his moves. I am very proud of him for just going after it. It is crazy to think that this shy kid is up there poundin’ (or sort of poundin’) people. Too much.

  4. Joe(y) Says:

    Hey Leah! I was at the same match too. Everyone had a blast.

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