Neigborhood Watch

It is spring and the mothers have come out of hiding.  They shed sweats for sherbet hued T-shirts from Target,  grab their strollers and head for Main Street.   As we clog the sidewalk with singles, double-wides and in a few cases triples,  I am reminded of an “incident” from last summer.

I was strolling down Main Street to one of our many pizza joints.  The sidewalk was blocked with a pile bikes forcing me off the sidewalk, around a parked car and into the street with the stroller.    When I got inside,  there was a table of mop-headed kids around 11 or 12 years old sitting near the door.   “Hi guys, Are those your bikes out there?,” I asked “You might want to move them so people can pass on the sidewalk.”    They shuffled their sneakers and pointed at each other mumbling,  but nobody got up.   Two boys still at the counter shoved eachother,  “Move your bike, Dylan. Ha. Ha Ha.”  Clearly they were mocking me and clearly no one was going to move a bike.  A lady at another table rolled her eyes to me, “No respect” she said shaking her head.   

I got my soda, all this aggrivation for a soda, and headed out.  Dylan and his comrade where now sitting at a table outside next to the pile of bikes.   “Move your bike, Dylan, ” he taunted again, but this time in a high pitched voice.    “So you boys think it is funny,”  I smiled but then continued through a clenched jaw, “Move Your Bikes.”   They clamored to get up,  moved the bikes aside and stammered out a meek “Sorry”.  

I strolled away pleased with my ability to conjure up the “Voice of Authority”.    When I related my tale to the Captain,  he said, “Nice work McGruff.  I was a little worried your were about to tell me that you started hurling bikes into on coming traffic.”


3 Responses to “Neigborhood Watch”

  1. nutmeg Says:

    Which is exactly what I would have done. Finns will not grow up to be that way!

  2. Dad Says:

    That’s my girl… Leah Ali.

  3. Don't call me ma'am « Raising A Little Kane Says:

    […] is about respect.  He reminded me of the “neighborhood watch” incident from last summer.   Kids need to know the difference between us and them.   […]

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