Fearless Friday

To usher in Fearless Friday,  I stayed out late last night.


This is way, way past my bedtime and especially fearless since Finn would be up in a few hours for his requisite back massage and mommy aromatherapy treatment.  [I should note that was not driving while taking this photo.  This post is about being fearless not crazy]

The reason for my late night sojourn was also pretty fearless.   I went to Philly for a clandestine gathering with other mommy bloggers.   These are women that I feel like I know because I read their blogs,  yet I had never laid eyes on them before.   Weird,  right?   As I walked into the bowling alley (because all clandestine meetings should be held in a bowling alley),  I felt like I was headed to sorority rush.   Will they like me?  Will they really, really like me?

To be honest,  I was not all that fearless.   I arranged for a wingman,  my brother, to stop by in the event that the mommy bloggers turned out to be dirty old men posing as mothers.   No need for it really,  everyone was very, very cool.   While a bit akward at first,  I think we all had an “ball”.   Sorry couldn’t help myself.


I told the ladies I wouldn’t,  but since I am fearless now,  I posted our “Burbs” team shot anyway.   That is me,  bottom left.   Going clockwise are Meg,  Kristen, and Kelly.


Thank you to Kristen for organizing the fete complete with prizes.  And to Jo for sporting chic pants.  And to Meg for “looking just like her picture” so I knew who she was immediately and felt at home.  To Kelly for the “are you having more kids?” conversation.  To Andi at MotherTalk and Melissa for bowling shoes,  frames, food and drink.   To Georgia, the shutterbug, – I glad I wore my weave for the photo opp.   

If you want to become fearless too,  check out Arianna Huffington’s Book, Becoming Fearless.  I have not read it yet,  but fear not I will.   


12 Responses to “Fearless Friday”

  1. nutmeg Says:

    I REALLY,REALLY liked you! Link away!

  2. raisingkane Says:

    Right back at ya’ babe!

  3. mother-talk.com » Blog Archive » Fearless Friday! Says:

    […] at Just Another Ink-Stained Wench, Amy from Smackdown at Alpha Mom, Jen at MUBAR, and Leah at Raising Kane. More to come throughout the […]

  4. Melissa Says:

    I had a “ball,” too! Will post pictures from the night later this evening. And feel free to link away to my site.

    Hope to see you ladies all again soon.

  5. Kelly Says:

    I loves me some linky love. It was awesome meeting you, Leah, and your hot little shoes. It was a great time, and as we moms always need a good excuse to break out of the domestic confines, we should do it again pronto!

  6. BOSSY Says:

    Bossy loves you and your portable ponytail. Link away baby and stay tuned for Bossy’s Bowl-a-rama tale. Groove is in the heart!

  7. Allison Says:

    I’m sorry you want to join MY family? Let’s switch – my family for YOUR e-friends. What a cool evening. Makes me want to jump on the next train to Philly.

    I was out until after midnight too last night, but sadly not for fun. It was work. I’m glad someone had a good night.

  8. Lizzy Says:

    I am SO JEALOUS. I want to go to Philly to bowl with Mommy Bloggers. I want to be out until 11:59pm (if only to say I was home “before midnight”).
    Are you going to be Extra Fearless– are you going to BlogHer?

  9. Her Bad Mother Says:

    Jealous. JEALOUS.

    You all so cute.

  10. Jules Says:

    There’s a problem with taking pictures while you drive?


  11. PunditMom Says:

    Sounds like fun! I’m jealous!

  12. Jo Says:

    That was awesome, meeting you. Even if none of us turned out to be the axe murderer.

    Also, your shoes? I totally HEARTed them.

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