Food & Drink

I brought Finn to PA to visit his snowbird grandparents who are now all home from Florida.  In honor of the returning snowbirds, it snowed the better part of 10 inches yesterday.   Apparently, no one gave mother nature the memo that it is the middle of April.   Instead, she is sending a clear message that we better start using our compact fluorescent bulbs and improve fuel efficiceny of our cars.   As I looked out the window of my parents home at the whiteout,  I worried what the planet will be like when Finn is 32.   (pics of snow to come soon)

As we flipped back and forth between the weather channel and Nick Jr,  programming was interrrupted with news of the shootings in Blacksburg.  My heart lurched for those students,  somebody else’s babies, gone in a flash.  John’s cousin was in Columbine during the shootings.   He survived, but I have never asked Uncle Dennis about that day figuring that as a parent it is something he would rather forget.   As I stared at the television,  I worried what school security and my insecurity will be like when Finn heads off to school.

Then we got a call that my great Aunt Rena was taken to the hospital.  As I listened to my cousin update me,  I worried that at ninety-one our aunt may not make it through the night.  

We were three bites into our dinner when the lights went out.  As we stared across the table at one another,  I worried anew this time about organic milk going bad and needing to cuddle Finn under piles of blankets for warmth.   My parents have lived in this house since I was six months old and I can’t remember the electricity ever going out but for flickers in electrical storms.  (Difficult to charge camera battery sans electricity – hence pics of snow coming soon)

My father-in-law and four-wheel drive rescued Finn and me.   As he packed us into the car,  my worry must have been obvious  prompting my father-in-law to say, “Don’t worry.  It will all be fine.  I have a bottle of red I am hoping you will help me with.”  Like any good Irishman,  a drink solves all problems.

My folks headed to the hospital.  From her bed, my great aunt said,  “Butchie, give me a hug.  Can I fix you something to eat?”  Like any good Italian,  food solves all problems.


4 Responses to “Food & Drink”

  1. Jules Says:

    It’s been a tough week for sure.

    I love how you wrapped it all up, and ended on a high note. Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe my breakfast is calling…

  2. Aunt Sandi Says:

    What a shame it is that I have to find out through your wonderful blog that MY AUNT and Godmother is in the hospital!

  3. nutmeg Says:

    I can tell I would get along great with your father-in-law. Hoist one for me!

  4. Kelly Says:

    Irish and Italian…it’s quite a mixture. I should know.

    It sounds like we had a similar week. I hope your Aunt is feeling better soon. 91 and still kicking is very impressive.

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