Snake Charmer

Finn gets mad as a snake.  Since he first came home from the hospital,  I have been saying “St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland except for one.”  If I would stop feeding him for a burp, he would writhe and thrash about.   Not much as changed.   

Now the snake has decided that he will not be going down in the crib at night.   I may think he is completely unconscious, but as soon as a lean over that rail to set him down he writhes and hisses in protest rattling in the cage.  After several rounds,  I relent and bring him to our bed.  He coils himself around me and drifts off.   I love it, but then he starts the shimmy.   He wiggles horizontal and nudges one of us to the outer limits of the king size bed.   As we cling to the edge of the mattress,  the snake is stretched out long snoring.

Since he is clearly on to the fact that he can get his mother to do his bidding, for the last few nights his father has lulled the little reptile into submission.   The snake charmer is quite proud of his skillful methods.  I am not sure what is exactly involved and I am not asking any questions.  All is well:  the snake is resting peacefully, mommy is sprung from the glider, and the Captain enjoys the quiet time especially since “you are always hoggin’ the kid.”  


3 Responses to “Snake Charmer”

  1. Jules Says:

    Four hours sleep a night is about the most I can hope for, given my work schedule, and so I have never tolerated when my children dared to interrupt my precious dream fime. Just call me the baby whisperer if you need any tips and tricks for getting Finn back into his own bed and loving being there.

  2. Allison Says:

    We’ve had varying degrees of in and out of our bed. I do love the snuggling but when they start kicking in their sleep, its not so cute.

    But my parents’ bed was a no-kid-land. I remember laying in my bed in fear of something because I couldn’t go get them. There has to be some middle ground.

  3. Kelly Says:

    I let my firstborn sleep with us for a good amount of time, when her nightwaking was frequent and her desire to be with us strong. And only when I was on the verge of going bananas did I address it.

    My second born has never been a natural co-sleeper. She just didn’t want to. She wanted to be held all night. Heh. After a bit of hard work, though, she now sleeps all night in her crib. And believe me, after the first year of her life, it feels like a near-miracle.

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