No Bunny’s Business

Finn likes jelly beans.


He likes ’em a whole lot.


He was a pretty good boy at mass since we met the minimum requirement of handlers.   Mommy, Daddy and Nonnie took shifts as Finn sauntered around the back of St. Gregory’s.    A cracker will get you close to him, but not too close and there was absolutely no hand holding allowed.   He strutted his stuff showing off his new saddle shoes to other  heathens holding up the back of the church.  He gazed sweetly at the statue of the Blessed Mother and patted her foot.   He played a game of connect the dots at the stained glass windows.   Other than one outburst that was met with a stare from a woman in a big beaver coat in the back row, we emerged unscathed from God’s House.

We were eager to see what he thought of the Easter Bunny at brunch since he snoozed through the entire thing last year.   To this day, the Captain is afraid of the bunny.   He claims it is the big teeth that turn him off.   Nana told me that John would dive into the round clothing racks as they approached the bunny at the Globe Store.

When the Bunny finally made his rounds,  Finn was taken up with some new cars and barely glanced in his direction.   “This is the Bunny that brings the jelly beans,  Finn”  we told him.   That got his attention.   Finn will hold Daddy’s hand next year so he won’t have to be afraid.



8 Responses to “No Bunny’s Business”

  1. Kelly Says:

    This is the first Easter my toddler got some candy, and oh boy, how she delighted. Loved these pictures. You sure got a handsome one on your hands.

    (That bunny? A bit scary. My 4-year old would have panic attacks for weeks!)

  2. Allison Says:

    My daughter tried her first malt ball Easter afternoon – and promptly threw up everything including breakfast.

    I hate malt balls too. Her godparents brought “fancy” candy for the kids. Sometimes plain jelly beans are the best.

  3. Jules Says:

    Whaaa-ha-ha!!!!!!! Love the last line!

  4. nutmeg Says:

    Those teeth would scare anyone. That boy is one cutie!

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    This brought me back from the Brink!

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