Rockin’ Rabbit

Last year my cousin gave Finn one of those Hallmark singing rabbits for Easter.  He was two months old and may have opened one eye to look at it briefly before falling back to sleep.    This is how he spent all of Easter Brunch.


When I set out the Easter decorations this year,  he quickly became obessed with Rockin’ Rabbit and could not pass the bookshelf without pointing, grunting (and ultimately crying) until he could press the bunny’s foot for a play.   The bunny sings to the tune of Rockin’ Robbin and an egg between his legs pops open to reveal the backup chick for the “cheep cheep” chorus.    

After 87  plays during dinner this week,  the Captain looked at me,  “This Bunny is going to have to be relocated to the woods or go live with a nice family that needs him on a farm.”  


3 Responses to “Rockin’ Rabbit”

  1. Alicia Says:

    You could always put him in the garage…..wet….

    I can’t wait to see you next weekend!

  2. Allison Says:

    “a nice family who needs him….”

    I can’t stop giggling over that one. Can the irratating rideable Piglet my mother-in-law gave us come too?

  3. Jules Says:

    OH! We had that Rockin’ Robbin syndrome, except ours was a little fireplace scene that glowed and played Jingle Bell Rock so loud you had to cover your ears whenever Gregory pushed down the library books on the fake shelf. We covered the little speaker on the back with tape and it was still obnoxious. Finally got rid of that thing, magically disappeared with the wrappings one Christmas I think, only to receive a new one as a gift soon after. Ugh! Thanks for the memories.

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