RIP Tibi

The post about the chicks and the pending visit from the Easter Bunny got me thinking about my first and only pet.    

My parents are not animal people and pretty much discouraged the whole pet thing.    If I wanted a pet, which I did,  I was going to have to buy it or … win it!   As my luck would have it,  my cousins’ grammar school was holding a fundraiser raffle in the school gym.    I stuffed all my chits into the paperbag in front of the cage holding a fluffy brown and white rabbit.    I maintained my position in front of the cage in part to discourage other bunny-seekers and waited chanting “Please come home with me” over and over in my head.    They read my number over the mic and I screamed with delight.   My mother, ehh,  not so excited.  

I named her Tibi after the Easter Bunny at now defunct Globe Store.   I believed that she was not a rabbit,  but actually a dog.   I had a leash for her.  I took her on walks.   I brought her out to play with the neighborhood kids.   She was awesome. 

She lived in a hutch in the garage.   I brought her lettuce and carrots.   She had a nice time.   I decided at somepoint that Tibi needed a bath.   This was not good for several reasons: 

a) Rabbits clean themselves

b) It was winter

c) The garage was not heated

After going out to feed Tibi the next morning,  I raced back into the house shrieking,  “Daddy, Daddy!  Do rabbits sleep like this with one eye open?” demonstrating a stiff sideways pose.    I was devastated.    Despite fluffing her with the hair dryer post bath,  I froze my dear little rabbit.    Worst yet,  the ground was also frozen and I was unable to give her a proper burial.    Tibi went to God in a painstakingly decorated shoebox coffin… and out with the trash.    

I have never fully recovered.    


One Response to “RIP Tibi”

  1. Jules Says:

    Oh you poor dear. That’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard regarding rabbits. Remind me some time to tell you about my husband’s rabbit story. TOTALLY not appropriate following your sad story. His is one of those roll-on-the-floor-laughing-while-trying-to-hide sorts of stories, and involved a flying carcas and charred flesh. But, like I said, for another day.

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