Up the Chimney

She wasn’t exactly Mary Poppins.  In fact, I broke the cardinal rule of hiring a nanny:  The nanny must not be hot.   She was twenty-five with doe eyes and a chestnut mane hailing from Eastern Europe.   Finn was understandably smitten from the start.   She worked Tuesdays and Thursdays giving me time to work in my home office or schedule client meetings.   In the last few weeks,  Finn started shouting “Katka” (her name in her native Slovakian)  each time the door bell rang.   He loves her and she loves him.  Hours of books, trains, and walks form a bond.  Sometimes I would feel a twinge at their secret giggles as I typed away downstairs. 

She is returning home to see her family after seven years.  A concept that I simply can not fathom.   She is torn between missing her family dearly and the “good life” in America with her husband.   It is a rough patch.   She is my friend too and I feel for her. 

We will miss our Katka.  I am not sure what I will say to Finn when the doorbell rings next.  


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