Highchair Haiku

I have been tagged for meme.  Since my readership consists mostly of Finn’s grandparents and great aunts (otherwise known as the Auntiques because they are too cool to be just great aunts),  I will clarify.  A meme, rhymes with dream, is generally a pre-set list of interesting questions that you provide answers to on your blog,  then tag some other bloggers to respond to the same questions.  It is like a chain letter minus a stamp and the threat of bad karma. 

A funny lady at simplynutmeg tagged me not with a list of questions but to write Haiku.   Just my luck.   In case you were out sick that day in grammar school,  a haiku consists of three lines with the syllables counted out 5-7-5.   (Note to my father -I know.  I know.  Counting not my strong-suit.  I am sure you will double check for me)

Hope you like ’em.   Oh and I tag Jules, City Lizzy and Dandy Jack.


Finally freedom

Into cool blue fresh breezes

Blow the stink off us


Sweet portable treat

Chubby digits squishing hard

Raisin in the son


Rock-a-bye baby

Wind blows cradle rocks sounds lovely

A child plummets


5 Responses to “Highchair Haiku”

  1. nutmeg Says:

    You go girl! Yours put my drunken verse to shame!

  2. Jules Says:

    Nice job on the haiku, Leah. I’ll try to do my part, but poetry with authoritative rules begs, just BEGS me to rebel. Just ask Marcia. (Our writers’ group friends will get a hearty laugh at the notion of me writing haiku.) We’ll see. Hmmm…

  3. Meme - Me at Jack Kaden Says:

    […] We’ve been tagged for a meme. And not just any meme. Noooo. It’s a Haiku Meme. Thanks Leah! […]

  4. sarah Says:

    Hmmm. I make no guarantees that mine are actually Haikus, but what a nice way to spend some time!

  5. Julie Walton Shaver Photography Blog » Memed for Haiku Says:

    […] Not surprising considering how much we have in common. Unfortunately all that came to an end when she wrote in her blog that I had to write haiku. Normally, the way this meme thing works is that a blogger tags me with […]

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