Your mission should you choose to accept it

Finn does not enjoy shopping.   It is as if his father whispered in his ear, “If Mommy tries to shop,  throw a fit.”   As a dutiful son,  he complies with the Captain’s orders.   It has certainly curtailed my browsing time.   Now,  shopping is more of a recon mission.   I must stay focused,  locate the target item, and get out.    

This past week, I needed to buy some wedding shower gifts for two very lovely friends.    I did not disclose the mission to the tot, until we were in convoy.     Since he is now about-face in the car seat,  he sensed our destination.    I diverted his attention with some dried rations (aka raisins) and told him about all the fun things there would be to look at.   

I was giddy with delight outside the sparkling new two story Crate & Barrel in Bridgewater.    I could have spent hours, but alas I knew I had precious few minutes.    I wheeled him in and held my breath darting for housewares.   It was early and not busy.   I enlisted several salespeople to secure the goods.   To my dismay,  Finn seemed to actually enjoy whizzing about plus the ladies were fawning over him.   He is such a shameless flirt. 

We were in and out in under 20 mins.  No tears.  No shouting.  Mission accomplished.  


2 Responses to “Your mission should you choose to accept it”

  1. Dad Says:

    If only you could teach your mother this new trick.

  2. nutmeg Says:

    OOH! A Crate and Barrel at Bridgewater? I’m there. I’m so looking forward to meeting you too in Philadelphia. Your comment made my day today! Thanks.

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