Apparently,  his father’s military training has rubbed off on the young lad.   The Captain checks on on him each morning before heading out to catch the train.   He tiptoed into the nursery and peered into the crib at the allegedly sleeping subject,   Finn laid snoozing away prone on his belly complete with sound effects.   As the Captain leaned over the rail to rub his back,  Finn sprung from his belly directly to his feet to ambush the unsuspecting parental unit.     

The startled Captain absconded under the cloak of darkness to the dining room where the lad’s second line of defense was waiting.   As the Captain quickly put on his shiny Johnston Murphy’s,  he was ensnared in a booby trap.  The clever lad had stuffed his dreaded tiny socks into the tips of his father’s loafers.  

When John relayed the tale to me from work,  he said,  “It was as if he rigged up a trip wire to catch me in the act.”  


One Response to “Ambush”

  1. Jules Says:

    Sneaky little devil! (And creative too. Takes after his mom if you ask me.)

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