Burn Baby Burn

I wish it were a disco inferno, but it is a baby inferno instead.   Little man spiked his first temperature yesterday.   He was listless and very, very sad.   The only good thing is that life slows down a bit to read loads of books and *gasp* cuddle.   Mommy has got to take her cuddles anyway she can get them.

Nights are rough especially for a boy who loves his sleep.    He cried out for me at 1:30 and I found a red hot baby in the crib with scarlet cheeks and crusty nose.    The panic set in as I dashed for the bathroom.   A cold cloth on his head calmed him.   He sucked down cold water and allowed me to check the temp – 102.4.   Hot but he felt hotter.   We rocked for a long while and he drifted in and out.  For the rest of the night, I was Old Mother Hover checking his little head.

By morning, the fever appears to have broken and he is up to old tricks toddling about.   As for the cuddling,  the moment too has past. 


2 Responses to “Burn Baby Burn”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Wait a minute. They stop cuddling? No one told me this. That sucks.

    Good to hear the little man is feeling better… perhaps the fever was related to all that green guiness he had?

  2. Jules Says:

    By the time he’s 12, you’ll be lucky if he even looks you in the eye. I say CUDDLE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!!

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