Who’s your paddy?

Please read with your best brogue.

Finn enjoys a good jig and a pint o’ milk.    As any fine Irish lad should,  he attended the Scranton’s 46th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, which is always held the week before St.  Patrick’s Day.   I believe this is to allow for an entire week of revelry.    Allegedly a production crew from The Office requested that the parade be moved up a few weeks to coincide with their schedule.   Mayor Doherty supposedly replied, “We would not move the parade for the Pope.”   Or so the tale goes. 

According to the parade association,  it is the fourth largest St.  Patrick’s Day parade in the United States.   In 2003, there were more than 100,000 people lining the parade route and more than 5,000 participants.   But I would guess that there are more people celebrating in Scranton’s many fine wateringholes than out in the street.    The lines for the pubs are 4 or 5 deep and a block long by 7AM when the doors finally open.  

To avoid the mayhem,  our friend’s father graciously offered our lot a flat (an apartment to the non-Irish) on courthouse square from which the kiddies could enjoy a prime view of the route.   Young Joey Ramey takes in the sites and sounds of North Washington.


Eric Mullen, the strapping gent in the middle, works for Guinness and supplied beer, banners and beads.   Tis’ good to have friends in high places.  


Ahh – the elusive Leprechaun photo opp!  Gotta snap fast they move quick.   Please note parents in the mirror.


As I tucked the wee lad into bed that evening,  I counted our many blessings among them life-long friends.


4 Responses to “Who’s your paddy?”

  1. Jules Says:

    Love the mirror shot! Very creative. 🙂

  2. Lizzy Says:

    What fun!
    We’re looking for the details of the Bay Ridge parade, as there’s really no chance we’re going to the city for the parade. But, The Mistah and I will be coming in for a show at the Beacon that night…should be fun, the amateurs should be passed out cold by then, right?
    We’ll deck our little lad out in his finest of greens and train him from the git go about the Holiday of His People. He may have an Italian last name, but he’s 95% Irish, by golly!

  3. Dad Says:

    “It’s A Great Day For The Irish” Grandma Dougher was there in spirt, way to carry on tradition. Loveya Mom

  4. Lizzy Says:

    Also: Guinness in the sippy cups? *wink*

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