S.O.S (Scranton Off Site)

My friend, Sharon, sent out an SOS late last week calling “any of the Scranton girls within 100 miles”  for an emergency get-together.  She recently moved to a new town in a new house with a newborn and a three-year old.   Basically, she needed a break.  Big time.   The girls rallied and we descended on NYC.   This crew has been tearing up dance floors on the  eastern seaboard for almost twenty years with hardly a harsh word between us.  There were grand plans of dinner, drinking and dancing.  Six bottles of wine later (1.5 per person), we determined we were never actually going to leave the apartment.    

Just a few of the very important topics covered:

– There is a 4 month waiting list for lunch at the American Girl flagship on Fifth Avenue.   “You are very lucky to get this reservation,” the uppity woman told my friend, Rachel, “How many highchairs will you need?” 

“Ummm, 2”

“And how many for the dolls?”

Say what!  

 – Our high-school classmate,  Joe Grieboski, founder of the Institute for Religion and Policy, is nominated for the 2007 Noble Peace Prize for his work.  We are very proud indeed, yet it leaves us feeling a little,  I don’t know, unaccomplished.      

– Lisa is marrying a “Picciano” in the fall and expressed great zeal at “finally becoming an Italian”  like her friends Medico, Vitali, and Cardoni.   We can’t wait to break bread at the nuptials. 

– Big debate about whether Beyonce’s “To the Left” is really a missive to JayZ.  To decide,  we played it about 87 times on the Bose Dock.   We think he is history.  What a fool.  Who is better than Beyonce?   

Michael Scott said it best,  “There ain’t no party like a Scranton Party, cause a Scranton Party Don’t Stop!”   

Our hostess was devine. Sharon departed refreshed, “I definitely felt pampered instead of literally being the pamper-er.”

When I arrived home, I showered the Captain with kisses and told him,  “You are the best daddy ever for taking care of our boy.”    He said, “I love girls’ weekend…instantly my stock rises.”


One Response to “S.O.S (Scranton Off Site)”

  1. Jules Says:

    I am very jealous of your girls’ weekend!

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