Finn was tailed by the mamarazzi today… actually it was just my new friend, Julie.   She is a brilliant photographer affectionately called the mamarazzi by her two boys whom she has been stalking with her camera for years.  

Finn test modeled for her so she can play around with some lighting in her studio.   We had a ball.    The stylist (aka Mommy) was prepared for several wardrobe changes,  however,  she sensed that the talent may not be all that cooperative.   Craft services (you guessed, Mommy again) plied the diminutive talent with raisins and yogurt. 

Julie’s photo assistant,  her younger son Gregory,  provided good diversions,  but he was outdone by the feline assistant,  Kaptain Karl.   

Julie and I are in a writing group together, but we have never met in person.    Her boys, her nightshift hours in the New York Times News Graphics department (read very cool job – she opted for night hours to be with her kids),  her burgeoning photography business (hire her! she rocks!) and her husband, leave her with literally no hours left in the day.    But if she keeps it up with these photos, who knows,  maybe she will quit her day job (ummmh, I mean night job).   Then she can come to writers group!!!      


This is one of my favs.   For more check out Julie’s blog.   She also made a really sweet (read Mommy went through lots of tissues)  slideshow.     Thank you so much Julie. 


9 Responses to “Mamarazzi”

  1. Jules Says:

    Good morning! Yay! It’s Saturday and I got to sleep till 10! 🙂

    Pictures coming soon! Thanks for the kind words about my photography. Oh, and thanks for the stash of raisins you left us on the table beside the big blue chair. 😉

    Kaptain Karl says to tell Finn, “Mew!” (I think there was a very serious mutal attraction going on there.)

  2. Julie Walton Shaver Photography Blog » Raising Kane in the Blogosphere Says:

    […] my one light! Leah, I couldn’t help myself — I made you a slide show! Thanks for those really nice things you said about me in your blog! Click here! posted by Julie Walton Shaver at 9:47 pm […]

  3. raisingkane Says:

    Julie – I am so overwhelmed. I can’t get through the slideshow yet without tears. Thank you. We will cherish them.

  4. Jules Says:

    You’re welcome! Please tell Finn I said thanks for helping me test my lights! He’s quite the model, as are you. 🙂 I’m so glad you like the slide show! Bradley thinks the song is depressing, but I think it’s COOL. Hope to see you soon!

  5. Rowena Says:

    I know Julie is a talented photographer but a writer too? KEWL! What a cutie pattotie and a super picture! Loving that red back drop, really makes the baby stand out.

  6. Lucky Red Hen Says:

    What a CUTE little guy and FABULOUS images — Jules DOES rock!!!

  7. Jill Higgins Says:

    Awwww… he is so cute! And what a great shot – I love the sparkle in his eyes. Julie does rock – we all think she’s awesome! 🙂

  8. stateofthenation Says:

    nice picture of a cutie!! (and great name btw – although my Fynn is Fynn not Finn 😀 )

  9. Eileen Dimond Says:

    What a treasure you now have thanks to very-talented-Julie. I think the music was perfect and you both were gorgeous, must be those Dougher genes…love you all, Eileen

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