February 18 7:06 AM

Finn is an early, punctual riser as one might expect from the son of a West Pointer.  He has been waking up at 7 give or take for the past several months.    A very special treat of being on vacation at the grandparents’ snowbird lair on the west coast of Florida is that Nonno and Nonnie are more than happy to take the morning shift with their special boy allowing the Mommy and Daddy to sleep in.   Bliss.   

On the morning of Finn’s birthday,  I heard his squawk on cue at 7:02.   I lept from the bed to give him a birthday hug.    I was greeted in the hallway by Nonnie who also heard the squawk.    We gave eachother a knowing look.  Nonnie served honorably as the delivery room coach in proxy of Captain Kane, who is not one for hospitals.  She was there for Finn’s first moments.   

We go in to see the buck, who is smiling and reaching for us.   He gets loads of kisses & hugs and the first rendition of “Happy Birthday” precisely at 7:06 AM,  the moment that he made his grand entrance.  The song provoked a broad grin as it did the countless times he heard the tune the rest of the day.   


The East Coast Kane’s met up with the West Coast Cardoni’s for a sit down with the boy.    There is no real gang rivalry except perhaps related to who can get the most kisses and smiles.    He bypassed his Nana and Aunt Colleen (which was not a good move) and reached straight for Grandfather (I guess the kid knows who writes the checks).   


Nana and Aunt Colleen retaliated with BBQ ribs, which he loved, but he continued to withhold kisses. 


Clearly, he was just humoring us all until he got to the good stuff.






One Response to “February 18 7:06 AM”

  1. Jules Says:

    Early riser? You gotta be kidding me. My son, who is now 12, considers getting up at 7 to be “sleeping in.” He’s been this way FOR-EVER. Count your blessings, dear one.

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