The Not-So-Friendly-Skies

Naturally, we pick the worst weather day of the year to take our first plane ride.   We awoke to freezing rain pelting the window and thought there was no way we would be traveling today.  According to Continental’s website our flight was still on schedule so off we went en route to Newark on the unplowed NJ turnpike.  Of course, the wipers go out and John is hunched down in his seat to see through the two square inches of clear window.  

The flight still shows on time and we gilde through security with the greatest of ease.  I did not have to dissassemble the strategically packed diversion-laden diaper bag (aka Bag O’Tricks).  Things are looking up.   

We board a little late, but no biggie.  The one perk of traveling with the baby is getting to board early to settle in.   Finn loved the plane especially the overhead lights.    He smiled and attempted small talk with other passengers as they boarded.  John said,  “Finn should be a Wal-mart greeter.” 

The coup de grace of the trip was our row mate,  Janice.   She came down the aisle, pointed to the window seat and said,  “That’s mine and I have sixteen grandchildren.”   Amazing!  All my worries of bothering the person next to us vanished.  

We had seat over the wing and Finn enjoyed watching the green deicing goo splatter on the window as we waited on the tarmack for an hour to be cleared.    It was hot and hard to wrestle wriggling limbs in close quarters.  Hearing stories later of folks like my sister-in-law who was on the plane for 9 hours when it should have been 4,  we had it easy. 

We go off just in time.  I had been through my entire Bag O’Tricks twice and Finn had enough.   See below:  You may think he is simply watching Elmo, however,  he is reprogamming his DVD player to contact the Ft. Meyers Control Tower to clear us for landing.



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