For the LOVE of ELMO

I received an email today indicating that PBS and NPR are facing drastic budget cuts.   As a parent whose son’s face radiates pure joy at the sight of ELMO,  this makes me very sad and a little scared to tell him “ELMO BYE-BYE”.   As an adult who thrives on “driveway moments” where I can’t get out of the car because NPR’s programming is just too interesting,  I am scared that I will become stupid. Here are some of the highlights from the email:

Bush’s budget would cut federal funds for public broadcasting by nearly 25%.1 According to PBS, the cuts “could mean the end of our ability to support some of the most treasured educational children’s series” like “Sesame Street,” “Reading Rainbow,” and “Arthur.” As telecommunications chair Rep. Ed Markey said, “In a 24-7 television world with content often inappropriate for young children, the public broadcasting system represents an oasis of quality, child-oriented educational programming. We owe America’s children and their parents this free, over-the-air resource.”

For the LOVE of ELMO,  please sign the petition.


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