Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

A week from today we are headed out of the blustery northeast to sunny (hopefully) Florida.  In preparation for Finn’s 1st plane ride,  I am loading the diaper bag with a host of diversions lest we end up like the these poor folks .    Uggh,  as if parents do not have enough to worry about between the kid and the other passengers.  Now,  you have the over-arching threat of actually being thrown off the plane. 

For all you frequent fliers out there,  please let me in on any good tips and tricks.   Here is the current list of diversions:

– Two Bottles – Our pediatrician instructed us that the baby should be drinking on take-off and landing.  It helps the ears. 

– Snacks – he can spend 20 mins on Cheerios alone

– DVD player with headphones – we have test-run this.   Finn loves the headphones and looks like a mini-receptionist.

– Lift the Flap Books – I have stashed his favs so he will be excited to see them in a week

– Old MacDonald Hand Puppet – mooing and quacking over Georgia

– Altoids gum – It comes in a tin that he likes to shake like a rattle.   This is the only thing that makes noise. 

– Cell phone – last night Finn called and hung up on our Cousin Al.   Al said, “No problem.  Happens all the time since I am usually the first name on everybody’s contacts.”

– Small blanket and Bunny – in case we are blessed with a nap.  


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