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Right of First Refusal

February 28, 2007

And so it begins, the first of many times we will get the brush off.



February 26, 2007

We were deeply saddened by the passing of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.   His vision and passion live on in his spunky daughter, Bindi.   

In her next special,  Bindi will introduce her new sidekick,  Finndi. 


Finndi has natural instincts in the bush.   See how calm he is near those big cats.   Aloof some may say.   He ignores the cats and they in turn ignore him.


From his all terrain vehicle, Finndi stealthy approaches the gator. 

Don’t let his seemingly quiet ways fool you.  Finndi is not afraid of a fight.

Go Huskies!

February 25, 2007


 The following is a contributon to “Raising Kane” submitted by Finn’s father.

Has Finn infiltrated the UCONN marching Band?  Alas no.  This is the result of a bet gone wrong….very wrong.  This is what happens when you bet your son’s sporting allegiance on the outcome of a football game.   When UCONN outlasted Army yet again in the Fall, Finn unwittingly became a Huskybooster for the season.  My buddy Mark and I decided to  forgo the mundane cash bet in favor of this. 

I was hoping to see young Natalie doing a cheerleading routine in Army Black & Gold; but instead I am forced to see my son play the UCONN fight song on his Bee Bop Band drum.  The only upside is I have a few years before I have to explain this sad episode to Finn.  $20 bucks would have been much less painful.    

February 18 7:06 AM

February 24, 2007

Finn is an early, punctual riser as one might expect from the son of a West Pointer.  He has been waking up at 7 give or take for the past several months.    A very special treat of being on vacation at the grandparents’ snowbird lair on the west coast of Florida is that Nonno and Nonnie are more than happy to take the morning shift with their special boy allowing the Mommy and Daddy to sleep in.   Bliss.   

On the morning of Finn’s birthday,  I heard his squawk on cue at 7:02.   I lept from the bed to give him a birthday hug.    I was greeted in the hallway by Nonnie who also heard the squawk.    We gave eachother a knowing look.  Nonnie served honorably as the delivery room coach in proxy of Captain Kane, who is not one for hospitals.  She was there for Finn’s first moments.   

We go in to see the buck, who is smiling and reaching for us.   He gets loads of kisses & hugs and the first rendition of “Happy Birthday” precisely at 7:06 AM,  the moment that he made his grand entrance.  The song provoked a broad grin as it did the countless times he heard the tune the rest of the day.   


The East Coast Kane’s met up with the West Coast Cardoni’s for a sit down with the boy.    There is no real gang rivalry except perhaps related to who can get the most kisses and smiles.    He bypassed his Nana and Aunt Colleen (which was not a good move) and reached straight for Grandfather (I guess the kid knows who writes the checks).   


Nana and Aunt Colleen retaliated with BBQ ribs, which he loved, but he continued to withhold kisses. 


Clearly, he was just humoring us all until he got to the good stuff.





You know you have married the right man when…

February 23, 2007

– you can wake him up from a nap (on vacation no less)

– deliver terrible news that the cake you are attempting to make for his son’s first birthday stuck to the pan and is in pieces (sniff)

– ask for an assist to spackle the cake back together with three cans of vanilla icing

– summon his inner pastry chef and collaborate on Elmo’s face (Go Daddy! Go Daddy!  On the Flower Tip!)


The Not-So-Friendly-Skies

February 17, 2007

Naturally, we pick the worst weather day of the year to take our first plane ride.   We awoke to freezing rain pelting the window and thought there was no way we would be traveling today.  According to Continental’s website our flight was still on schedule so off we went en route to Newark on the unplowed NJ turnpike.  Of course, the wipers go out and John is hunched down in his seat to see through the two square inches of clear window.  

The flight still shows on time and we gilde through security with the greatest of ease.  I did not have to dissassemble the strategically packed diversion-laden diaper bag (aka Bag O’Tricks).  Things are looking up.   

We board a little late, but no biggie.  The one perk of traveling with the baby is getting to board early to settle in.   Finn loved the plane especially the overhead lights.    He smiled and attempted small talk with other passengers as they boarded.  John said,  “Finn should be a Wal-mart greeter.” 

The coup de grace of the trip was our row mate,  Janice.   She came down the aisle, pointed to the window seat and said,  “That’s mine and I have sixteen grandchildren.”   Amazing!  All my worries of bothering the person next to us vanished.  

We had seat over the wing and Finn enjoyed watching the green deicing goo splatter on the window as we waited on the tarmack for an hour to be cleared.    It was hot and hard to wrestle wriggling limbs in close quarters.  Hearing stories later of folks like my sister-in-law who was on the plane for 9 hours when it should have been 4,  we had it easy. 

We go off just in time.  I had been through my entire Bag O’Tricks twice and Finn had enough.   See below:  You may think he is simply watching Elmo, however,  he is reprogamming his DVD player to contact the Ft. Meyers Control Tower to clear us for landing.


Sock It To Me

February 13, 2007

Finn loathes socks.   He prefers to keep his little piggies free to go to the market or wee-wee-wee all the way home.   I could not figure out why I seemed to always be running out of socks … until now.  


I located his secret sock stash right next to the tunnel that he is digging out from under the crib using a very dull baby spoon. 

For the LOVE of ELMO

February 8, 2007

I received an email today indicating that PBS and NPR are facing drastic budget cuts.   As a parent whose son’s face radiates pure joy at the sight of ELMO,  this makes me very sad and a little scared to tell him “ELMO BYE-BYE”.   As an adult who thrives on “driveway moments” where I can’t get out of the car because NPR’s programming is just too interesting,  I am scared that I will become stupid. Here are some of the highlights from the email:

Bush’s budget would cut federal funds for public broadcasting by nearly 25%.1 According to PBS, the cuts “could mean the end of our ability to support some of the most treasured educational children’s series” like “Sesame Street,” “Reading Rainbow,” and “Arthur.” As telecommunications chair Rep. Ed Markey said, “In a 24-7 television world with content often inappropriate for young children, the public broadcasting system represents an oasis of quality, child-oriented educational programming. We owe America’s children and their parents this free, over-the-air resource.”

For the LOVE of ELMO,  please sign the petition.

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

February 7, 2007

A week from today we are headed out of the blustery northeast to sunny (hopefully) Florida.  In preparation for Finn’s 1st plane ride,  I am loading the diaper bag with a host of diversions lest we end up like the these poor folks .    Uggh,  as if parents do not have enough to worry about between the kid and the other passengers.  Now,  you have the over-arching threat of actually being thrown off the plane. 

For all you frequent fliers out there,  please let me in on any good tips and tricks.   Here is the current list of diversions:

– Two Bottles – Our pediatrician instructed us that the baby should be drinking on take-off and landing.  It helps the ears. 

– Snacks – he can spend 20 mins on Cheerios alone

– DVD player with headphones – we have test-run this.   Finn loves the headphones and looks like a mini-receptionist.

– Lift the Flap Books – I have stashed his favs so he will be excited to see them in a week

– Old MacDonald Hand Puppet – mooing and quacking over Georgia

– Altoids gum – It comes in a tin that he likes to shake like a rattle.   This is the only thing that makes noise. 

– Cell phone – last night Finn called and hung up on our Cousin Al.   Al said, “No problem.  Happens all the time since I am usually the first name on everybody’s contacts.”

– Small blanket and Bunny – in case we are blessed with a nap.  

These boots are made for walkin’

February 4, 2007


Well, maybe not for a few more years.    Our good friends, Tara and Brian O’Mahony, visited this weekend all the way from Ohhhhhh klahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.    They brought the young buck these authentic cowboy boots from a place where actual cowboys shop in Tulsa.  Yeeehaw!!!    Perfect for mucking the stalls at The Farm someday.