We spend a good part of ourday next to the light switches.   Finn has mastered the flip of the switch and the slide of the dimmer and is equally fond of both.   He swivles around, points up at the light and admires his handiwork.    I think he is channeling my grandfather who was a master electrician.  

After countless times hearing Mommy repeat “On / Off”,  Finn blurted out “Aaaawwwfffff”.    I thought it was a fluke until he kept going…. “Aaawwfff”  Aaaawwwffff”  It started with a long, deliberate flat A.   I thought this kid has a Scranton accent already and he doesn’t even live there.   Too funny.   

He has been saying DaDa for a while with the occasional Mama thrown in to appease his affection-monger mother, but it was truly remarkable to hear him say an actual word.   I got giddy with excitement and so did he, but probably because I was bouncing him around like mad.

He repeated the performance over the phone to my parents,  but I could not coax him into it for his Daddy or Nana.   Is it possible that he is already learning how to withhold the goods as ransom?   I will try to capture him on video, but the little bugger is VERY aware of the camera.  


One Response to “On/Off”

  1. Hanna Says:

    Leah, this is the best website EVER. the photos are great, it makes my mouth water just lookin’ at them.

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