The Two-Step

Finn made his big move last night.   He took two steps from Mommy to Daddy while playing.   The steps were surprisingly steady – more like strides than steps.  Unfazed by all our clapping and “Yeah, Big Boy”s,  he went right back to playing. 

He has been “driving” the his red convertible and Tonka for a few weeks,  so we knew that walking was imminent.    I know.  I know.  Careful what you wish for.   He will be tearing around the house in a few weeks and I will be wistful for his little crab walk instead.   

We have been hitting the playgroup circuit.  Finn loves the kids (unless somebody swipes a toy then the dramatics ensue.  I have no idea where he get its it).  Don’t get me wrong,  I love playgroup but there is this underlying competitive current.   As if the minute by minute changes are truly going to matter when they are all grown up.    Next time,  I am asked “So what is he doing”.   I might just reply, “He is perfecting the Texas Two-Step and really enjoys line dancing.”


2 Responses to “The Two-Step”

  1. sarah Says:

    excellent, excellent response. I am borrowing it (with full attribution, of course).

  2. Lizzy Says:

    I came here via Jack’s site… and I particularly love the “That’s Italian!” post.
    Our son Henry is just experimenting with standing without stabilization.
    Also? Love the response. With all the uber-competitive New York mommies, I’m bound to borrow your line!

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