11 Months

Finn is 11 months old today.   This is dangerously close to one year.   Daddy has been saying for months, “Finn is a big boy.”   Mommy says, “No! He is a baby for one year.”   Well,  my time is almost up.    I want to stop the clock, but I know that he needs to grow and become his own little person.  

I was looking back through my monthly folders of photos and through misty eyes I noticed a few themes.   This kid spends a lot of time in Pajamas and Mommy spends a lot of time in that glider.   This is probably due to the fact that kids jammies are just about the cutest things in the whole wide world and the glider is like a little slice of heaven.  The two piece baby gap jammies are the most fun by far.   We think he looks like a mini-super hero since they cling to his little “muscles”  and accentuate the puffy diapered dupey.

A Study in PJs.









One Response to “11 Months”

  1. Aunt Sandi Says:


    Don’t be sad. It’s the end of one stage but the beginning of another. And each one is much more fun the last one. Although Alex isn’t a little guy any longer, we still have loads of fun playing some serious uno and killer Risk! Plus if you raise a snuggler, he’ll always want to cuddle with you although only when it’s convenient for him! Just enjoy each stage and age to the fullest before you blink and they’re gone.
    hugs to Finn, love Aunt Sandi and Alex

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