Now that’s Italian!

His name may be as Irish as Patty’s Pigs, but his appetite is all Italian.   After downing his own dinner,  Finn proceeded to mooch two whole ravioli off Mommy’s plate grunting if Mommy was not moving fast enough.   

The cheese-filled ravs sparked a lively vocabulary session on the proper pronunciation of ricotta.   I explained to Finn very carefully that you say “Ri-gotha”  and never, ever “Ri-Kot-a”.   He replied, “Da-Da”  which is his response to everything.  

Not sure how great the ricotta cheese will be on his little belly; the diaper will tell all.   One thing is for sure, all this mangia has given Mr. Finn a double chin.   Daddy said, “He looks great in his little turtlenecks.  They hold up his chins.” 


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