Tonight while Daddy was watching Duke basketball in the basement,  Finn scurried over to the set,  assumed the summo stance and swiftly put the lights out on Coach K.   He gave us a sly grin over his shoulder.  Our tiny tech has figured out how to turn on and off the TV.   He can do it with the remote.   He can do it without.   The fun never ceases.   

It seems that in every home, the remote has its own name – clicker, flipper, beeper.   At my in-laws,  Finn goes by the moniker “beeperman”.   He continues the fine tradition of being a channel surfer like all the men that have gone before him Nonno, Grandfather, Dad and Uncle Joe.   He has inherited the short attention span and the lightening fast trigger finger.   He loves to change the channels, but more often than not settles on Telemundo.  I can’t decide if it is because he likes the sound of the language or  the looks of the VAAVAAVOOM  hostesses of the daytime talkshows.  BAILA!  Hola Finn!


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