Thank you for visiting

As any blogger knows, stats are a big deal.   Today Raising Kane flipped the 1,000 visit mark.   Yeeehaw! I am officially doing a stats chair dance (refresh the browser and shake your hips and repeat).   This is a huge deal and I want to thank you taking time out of your busy (or not so busy) work day to laugh with us or perhaps at us. 

My next goal is to get you people (and you know who you are) to leave comments.   If something makes you laugh, let me know.   If you have a similar experience,  let me know.   It you have advice on teething, sippy cups,  childproofing,  anything really,  let me know.  If your advice looks reasonable,  I will try it.  If your advice is bad,  I will nod politely at my screen and ignore it.   I do this all the time in the grocery store.  Very effective. 

Thanks for helping me Raise a Little Kane.


One Response to “Thank you for visiting”

  1. Hanna Says:

    Leah, I probably contributed to 379 of those 1,000 hits.

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